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Finer Healthcare – Helping to help keep the nation safe

It is really important to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, by wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) you will be doing your part. The government have now made it mandatory that shoppers must be wearing face coverings in all enclosed public spaces such as supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, transport hubs, banks and takeaways. Police can now fine someone £100 for not complying.

With this new rule being enforced, the demand for PPE (specifically face masks) will be very high, which is why Finer Healthcare are doing everything we can to supply PPE in small and large quantities – good news for the nation!

While we are all waiting patiently for a vaccine, there is only so much we can do and this includes social distancing, using correct PPE, but how many people actually know how to use PPE correctly? What type of mask should they buy? What’s the difference between all the types of masks? How long should they wait before they should change them?



As w are easing out of lockdown, restaurants, pubs, bars, cinemas, coffee shops are opening but we must try and protect ourselves and others around us – we can do this by wearing a type II mask, type IIR mask, KN95 mask when we are out and about, and by doing this you are doing your part in flattening the curve and helping the nation get back to normality.

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives – Wear a Mask!

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